“Great instructors, positive atmosphere. A must go to gym ! They have everything boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu.”

– Mahdi Kawasaki Abedrabbo

“Love this place. Love the people. I’ve been to many gyms and have never felt as comfortable as I do here.”

– Kristy E. Nigma

“One of the best gyms out there! Positive energy all around with the best instructors.”

– Mirvet Qattous

“Absolutely the best place around for kids and adult fitness.”

– Safa Madani

“Great way to workout and learn self defense! This gym is great for the whole family. The staff gives so much positivity and encouragement to keep you motivated. I highly recommend!!”

– Semra Ayala

“Team Pure MMA is a great place to train and get fit. It’s different from the rest because it offers classes that the whole family can benefit from. They offer kickboxing, jujitsu, wrestling, Yoga, and Zumba. They also offer kids and adult classes which my own boys love. The staff are experienced, informative, and friendly people”

– Manal Madani


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“Great place and the staff are very good ! They make you feel at home and motivate you!”

– Ronald Eraza

“I love the atmosphere, training, so much positive energy. The best one everrr “

– Maryuly Cassiani

“I’ve been training at TEAM PURE MMA for a few months, and the classes just keep getting better and better. Words can’t describe how much talent, knowledge, patience, and not to mention, experience the instructors have. I am HONORED to be able to train with Fady!! Thank you TEAM PURE MMA for such an outstanding opportunity!!!!”

– Julie Botas

“TEAM PURE MMA is a great place for those who really want to learn mixed martial arts and even for those who just want to look good! The instructors are knowledgeable (black belts & professional fighters). The gym is HUGE and it’s always clean. The prices are honestly the best prices I found in New Jersey. They have classes for everybody (men, women & children). If you’re looking for a place to get fit and/or learn how to defend yourself, you would love to try Team Pure MMA in Woodland Park, New Jersey.”

– Alejandro Hidalgo

“This Gym is the Best gym Iv been to. So much positive energy coming from everyone and everyone helps each other to go beyond there limits and fight there fears!!! Teachers help you increase your motivation and not only that they help you become a better person and have a better body! Iv been with the gym since day 1 and I became a change man. I have a positive attitude, a healthier eating habit, and positive friends. Teachers demonstrate fighting technics and break it down for you to understand. There always there. They don’t teach self defense but how to overcome powerful enemy’s and obstacles in your path in my own personal opinion I give this gym a 10 out of 10 and you can’t beat the prices they give you!!!!”

– Jose Pagan


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